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artist • teacher • lover of life

Jenny Dawson is a
ceramic artist,
public artist,
consultant &
project coordinator.

Since 1993, I have successfully worked as team leader or part of an artistís team on 52 collaborations to produce art for public spaces. These commissions have come from Percent for Art Scheme (25), government and local government (21) interstate (1) and the private sector (5). The budgets have varied from $10,000 to $244,000.

I bring varied and well developed skills to the organization and planning, research, design, fabrication and installation process. I have been a practising freelance artist since graduating with both a teaching degree and a fine arts degree specializing in ceramics. I have established and run my art practise from the J Shed Studios in Fremantle since 1992. My focus is on design and I work mainly in the public art realm.

I have established a thriving studio situation that invites projects on a large scale and collaborations with artists from other disciplines. I have strong design and fabrication skills and enjoy working in various materials in three-dimensional sculptural works as well as wall and paving works.

Some of the mediums I have worked with include photography, painting, sculpture, metal and aluminium sculpture, concrete casting, stone and concrete carving, high fired ceramic tiles and mosaics. I have worked with engineers, architects and fellow construction professionals and personally install my own works with a team of specialists. I have extensive expertise both as a designer and a maker. I am meticulous with detail and all of my work is expertly crafted and finished.

I am a skilled organizer and a diplomatic team participant. I have worked extensively with other designers, artists, architects, landscape architects, builders, tilers, tradesmen, local council officers, schools and selected community groups in many varied roles as team leader and participant.

I have jointly won four awards for design excellence:

I am also represented as an independent artist by many private and Government collections including The Art Gallery of Western Australia, The City of Fremantle Art Collection and The Curtin University Art Collection.

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History of the J Shed,
Fremantle, Western Australia

From a goods shed to independent artists studios

Built in c 1912, J Shed was originally located on Victoria Quay as a goods shed. In the 1960ís half of it was relocated to its present site on the A Class reserve as part of the Historic Arthur Head Precinct. It was used as a fiberglass workshop until 1988 when it was shortened in length as part of the Arthur Head Bicentennial project. In 1992 after restoration by The City of Fremantle it became independent artists studios

Jenny Dawson established the J Shed Ceramic Art Studio in 1992 after completing residencies at the Hobart School of Art in Tasmania and at the Deruta Grazia Maiolica workshops in Italy. She runs a thriving studio situation that invites projects on a large scale. Since 1993 she has worked as a team leader or part of an artistís team on more than 49 major ceramic tiled artworks located in public spaces throughout Western Australia and Interstate. She has vast experience in design and concept development, project management, handling large budgets, liaison, coordination and community consultation. Jenny has strong design skills and enjoys working with community groups. Many of her projects have involved collaborations with Indigenous artists and communities.

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